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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Parcel for Me!

Woowee! I am a very lucky girl. *Grinning widely* Today, I received another mail. This time, it's a parcel from B jie jie aka Huskee's maid, and Girl Girl's Eil jie jie!

Here I am posing nicely with my parcel.

Now, how do I get this open? Gagaga~

Ahem Sista, if you don't mind, stop clicking away and give me a helping hand! Geez!

What's inside the box? Wow! Delicious treats, a cheery lobster toy and a lovely note!

B jie jie and Eil jie jie say I can enjoy the same 'see-food' diet as Huskee!

I'm really seeing here! Kor has to hold on to me else I'll grab and run!

Ok, that's enough. Let me at them now!

THANK YOU pretty jie jies. I love my pressie very much! *Grinz*

Sweet Sparky

Yesterday, Papa came home with a mail for me! It's from Sparky, all the way from Canada! He sent me a Thank You card for his barkday pressie *He is sooo sweet*. What's more, he also included 3 of his charming pics! That made me really excited. Thank you Sparky for your lovely pics, my hoomans can't get their eyes off you after I shown it to them! *Grinz*

Look, isn't he handsome? *Especially his adoring eyes.. I'm melting*

I can't stop admiring you, Sparky! *Muacks!*

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Weekend

Hi everyone! Had a great weekend? Mine was fabulous, except for that lil' rascal who traumatised me completely. Warning: Long and wordy post below. Sorrie for the lack of pics, sista forgot to charge her lousy camera phone. =P

On Friday evening, the hoomans brought Baby, Casper and me to a dog run. I had fun running offleash! Yeah, that was till I had to constantly run away from a land shark aka Casper. He chased me round and round everytime he saw me. When he gets to me, he'll start his bitey face attacks. Not fair! I don't see him doing that to Baby instead. I was fed up but being a nice girl, I tried my very best to keep my cool and not bark my head off at him. And to reward me, Sista and Kor bought a new toy and treats for me at the mega pet store! Weee! Then we proceed to Pawtobello Cafe for our din din. I was so looking forward to it cos the last time I was there *DWB's nd pawty*, I didn't get to eat any. Sista ordered lamb meal for me, it was sooo good I slurp it all up within 1 minute! Oh, I got to share a little of sista's rosemary chicken too. *Grinz*

On Saturday early morning, sista woke me up to say we're going to the beach. Wow, that perked me up immediately. I waited anxiously for my hoomans to get prepared. Big sista was going too and she was just as anxious. She can't wait to see me swim after sista showed her the video of our beach outing the previous time. This time, besides Baby, Casper went too, in addition, we had a new friend with us. He is Frosty and is also a Maltese like the both of them. Wow, 3 Maltese boys and one Silky girl. I felt special! Off we started out to the beach at Sentosa. The hoomans wanted to go Tanjiong beach, lost their way and ended up at Silosa beach instead. They then decided to walk over to Palawan beach cos Silosa was having some company's family day event. In the end Palawan beach had the same event of another company and so they decided to try driving over to Tanjiong beach which is at another end of Sentosa.

When we finally reached, we found out that Tanjiong beach was having the same event too! We were all so tired after much walking and burnt from the sun so the hoomans found a small peaceful area for us doggies to swim without disturbance from the noisy event. Finally we were able to cool ourselves in the water. The hoomans were going 'oh so cute' for Casper and Frosty since it was their first time swimming. As for me, I was just glad that I could get away from Casper as he wasn't allowed to swim far. Ah, peace at last. After swim, Baby and Casper went over my house for homemade pasta with chicken lunch.

The three of us having our pasta.

At night, the hoomans went out for din din themselves cos we were all dog-tired from the swim. Sista and Kor came back home with a new tent for me.

Isn't it cute? But why is it in cat's design??

On Sunday, the hoomans brought Casper and I to the SKC Dog Show held at Expo hall. I smell food the moment I reached there.

Mmmm~ Food food, where are you?

Casper: "What food, Precious? I can only smell hoomans." What a silly boy.

This time round, the event was bigger than the previous because it was combined with Asia Kennel's competition. More stalls too, much to the delight of the hoomans. Hee. Despite many doggies were there, Casper still tried to stick to me and bite me. Grrr. Other times when he wasn't biting, he was barking and whining at other doggies of all size. Man, doesn't he knows that he's still a little pup and one step of the big doggies' paw could turn him into doggies' pancake? Geez. Anyway, the hoomans were busy shopping around and dragging him away before that really happens. That also explained why I don't have any pics to show. *Giggle* Anyway, sista and Kor bought new clothes ad toys for me and a very big packet of kibbles. Eucks for the kibbles.

In the car back home... Kor, where's Casper going with his hooman? Kor: "They're going home, Precious. It won't be soon till you see Casper again. Will you miss him?"

Hahaha is that a joke, Kor?

Friday, August 24, 2007

More foodie pics + I'm pissed

I can't believe this. Look at these foodie pics I found hidden somewhere in sista's com! Huge servings of everything that I've never tasted before. Darn, while I'm being a good girl at home eating my so called "good for me" boring kibbles or plain looking homemade meal, sista and Kor are out having a feast! Sinful, I say, cos they didn't bring me along!

Baked seafood pasta with melted cheeseee! Oh how tempting it is!

I can eat pasta, I think I can eat seafood, and I definitely can eat cheese. Why oh why was I left out?!

Chicken Chop and grilled fish with pasta *pic below*. Sista, I demand my chicken and fish cook in the exact same way.

Ribeye steak. Ok this sounds a little scawie. I wanna try the rib part, but I don't wanna taste somebody's eye! Hiak!

Side dishes. To think I only get main meals plus a few pathetic treats! I'll exchange these for my rawhides anytime!

Ooo, a bowl of melted cheeseee. This is divalicious!

Look woman, I'm warning you to bring me along if ever you go for feast again or else I'll break your boy's back. Deal?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some Foodie Pics

Cutest Toffee asked me to post pictures on my foodie list. Ok, I managed to dig out a few. =)

My homemade meal. This is chicken mixed with peas, carrots and corns. *Prepacked frozen kind*

There was a special ingredient mixed in it. Can you guess what it was? Answer: Heartworm pill. Eeuks!

Sometimes I get fish instead. The black pepper look alike is called Seameal, a supplement.

Mm mmm, can you see my favouritest baked big bone? Oh and this pic was taken when I was 6 months old, thus explaining the white hair on my head. I'm a blondie now. *Giggle*

I had my first baked big bone after my sterilisation as a reward for being brave, and also to ease sista's guilt for complication during my surgery. *Sista: Thanks for reminding me.* You're welcome, sista. Do I get another big bone then? *Sista 'roll eyes'*

Oooo, my lovely cheddar cheese. Need I say more? *Drools*

Lastly, you know what I'll do after I finish my food?

I'll ask for more! Wooof!

Foodie Grocery Tag

My lady Blue has tagged me and sista to do a list of our favourite must have foodie items. We doggies are allowed 5 dog basket items & parents 5 goodies too. Phew, I had a hard time coming up with just 5 items. I had to pick out my favouritest among my long long list. So here goes:

1. Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream *Argh, she's getting it all for herself. Meany.*
2. New Zealand Golden Kiwis *Atleast we could share on this one.*
3. Campbell's New England Clam Chowder *Yummy. We could share on this too!*
4. Instant Noodles (any brands available) *This woman is a preservative freak. Tsk tsk.*
5. Cheddar Cheese *Oh! This is for me! I'm sure. Hehe.*

1. Cheddar Cheese *I know I know, same item, but, I can never get enough of cheese. =P*
2. Baked Big Bone *The bigger, the better!*
3. US Doggie Bakery's Quiche *They make the most delicious quiche!*
4. Chicken breast/fish *Sista steams it, add veges or others, and ta-da! My homecook meal. =D*
5. Treats! *It's so hard to name one. I lurve all!*

Alright, our list isn't so bad, in fact, I've got 8 out of 10 goodies instead of 5! Weeee!

I'll now tag Rossi dear, Boo Casanova, lil' Goofy and their moms! *They are 3 very handsome dudes as all may know, and, they all live in Malaysia!*

Monday, August 20, 2007


Hi everypups and Girl Girl! How was your weekend? It was raining heavily on Saturday, then on Sunday noon too, so I guess you all know how I spent my weekend.. That's right, lazing at home with my hoomans. I need the rest too, after having a fabulous pawty at Simba's little house. *Giggle*

And today, sista told me something, something horrible, she said Casper *the lil' rascal* might be staying at our house this coming weekend! Argh! Horror of horror! Why sista, why?! *Sista: Come' on Precious, it's not really that bad, you did have fun when Casper was here.* Alright alright, I admit we do have some fun together, that is, till all the hoomans went googaga over him. Hey, I should be the attention, isn't it?

Not that lil' fluffy furball.

I need your advise, my dear friends. I really don't wanna show that I am an ill-mannered pup, but but, I just can't stand it when the hoomans go crazie over that lil' rascal. Weirdly, I'm ok with him thou when we were outside. So my plan is, should I let him sleep outside my house? Or, should I just keep the hoomans away from him, no contact at all. Hahaha. What say you?

You call, sista? Me? Nope, I'm not plotting anything. *Heeheehee*

Friday, August 17, 2007

Simba's Pawty

Simba is having a house warming pawty at the little house. Here's the map:

The theme is James Bond 007, so I decided to wear a gown. A red gown. *Grinz*

I hope I'm not too late to join. See ya all at the pawty!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Lunar Seventh Month

Hi my dear friends, a short annoucement here. Well, my sista is starting school from this week until a freaking long 4 months later! She said she might not be able to help with my blog as frequent as she did. But but, don't worry, I'll still be here and I'll do my best to blog and catch up with all your blogs often. Promise. Hee.

So today is a special day for the Chinese. It is the starting of the Hungry Ghost Festival. This takes place every year during the Lunar 7th month *according to chinese calender*. During this whole month, it is believed that all the 'good brothers and sisters' will be released from hell to enjoy their time on earth. Prayers, and offerings such as food, joss sticks, hell money and accessories, etc will be burned to them.

This evening, when I went downstairs for my usual walk, I was curious with all the burnings by the hoomans. However, Sista doesn't let me walk anywhere near the offerings for fear I'll step or play with them. She said that will be disrespectful. Ok, so being a good girl, I just sit one side and watch.

Curious me watching...

Till I caught sight of a bird. Let me at it! Woof~

This lil' birdie actually gave me a shock. It dropped, yes dropped, in front of me and lay still on its back with it's neck twisted in a weird angle and I thought it was dead. But sista held on tight to my leash saying the lil' birdie is still breathing. After a minute or two, the lil' birdie suddenly flipped itself and stood in the position as shown in the pic above. It stayed unmoving for another three or four minute and I was like, let me at it NOW! Finally, sista brought me alittle closer but not close enough to bite it. I was so excited, I kept pulling on my leash. This scared the lil' birdie and it flew off. Awwww, there goes my toy. Sista was relieved to see the lil' birdy alright thou. Hmph!

Friday, August 10, 2007

DWB Pawty II

This was how I dressed yesterday.

Look, I got hairy chest. Tee hee.

Aahhh, Breeze...

We received a gift from Snowball and Chilli. They're so sweet to give us pressie though it's not our barkday. =)

And we also received a goodie bag from the barkday boys, Boy and Huskee. Thank you dear boys. =)

DWB Pawty

Weee! I had so much fun yesterday at the pawty! Sadly, I don't have any pics to show cos my sista was too shy to whip out her lousy camera phone. *Grumble* Do check out the rest of those pups and Girl Girl who went. I'm sure they have many lovely pics. *Grinz*

Anyway, Kor, sista and I set out from home pretty early but still ended up late. Why? No cabs at all! Kor called for one but to no avail. He tried and tried among different cab companies for a full 45mins till we finally got it. Geez, it was that hard to get a cab during public holiday.

Did I mention before about my motion sickness? Well, I lurve to go out and I know a car can get me to somewhere far and fun. But I can't control my tummy. Once the journey starts, I'll feel queasy and weird and everything and then, I'll vomit. Gross. That happened again when we were on our way there. Was planning to eat my dinner there, but Kor said better not in case I vomit on the way back again. Bummer!

Luckily pretty Chilli and Snowball were generous to share some of their treats and din din with me. Overall, I got a few bites here and there and a piece of barkday cake *advanced barkday celebration for Huskee and Boy =D* so that wasn't too bad afterall and I was a happy gal. *Giggle*. And of cos, the best part of the pawty was meeting all my friends for the first time. You're all so friendly! There were pretty ladies: Chilli gal, Snowball, Luckie gal, lil' Reina, Chiyo, Baby and Girl Girl the CKCS. Gentleman: Jay & gang, Boo Boo, Boy, Huskee, Boo *Yes he was there with us too!* and Sunny. Oh, I even get to kiss Sunny *Girl Girl's representative*! *Grinz*

I really had a great enjoyable day and needless to say, I bonkz out immediately I hit home. ZzzZzzzz

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Our sunny island, Singapore, celebrates her 42 birthday tomorrow! *Happy Birthday Singapore!*

Every year, there will be a National Day Parade (ndp) at our National Stadium, but this year, with the rebuilding works going on at the stadium, the ndp will be held first time by the sea at Marina Bay! Fireworks, being the favouritest among Singaporeans, will go on for as long as eight minutes throughout the parade. My mama and big sista went to watch the preview a few weeks ago and big sista showed me the video clips she took. One word, WOW! For those overseas, if you wanna see the live telecast of ndp, click here. *Thursday, 9 August, 4pm Singapore time*

And tomorrow, I'm going to our DWB's pawty! I'm getting so excited, can't wait to meet many bloggy pals! Luckie gal has asked me if I'll dress up for the pawty. Well, I thought of dressing in red and white *Our Flag's color*, alas I don't have any. So I put on my power cap and finally came up with a brilliant idea. I'm gonna go to the pawty dress in... Pink! Well you see, I figured Red + White = Pink, so, if I couldn't find anything in red and white, I'll choose the next closest color! Oh Boy, am I smart or am I smart, Sista? *Sista: I'm speechless..*

Tomorrow's here yet?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Hi everypups and Girl Girl! Thank you for all the warm concern regarding my nasty tick. Yessh, an oppsy on my previous post when I thought it was a flea. *Hey Jackson, I was pretty confused too whether that was a flea or tick till sista found a picture and identified it as tick. Hee*

So did everyone has a great weekend? I don't cos basically I was left home alone. Ok maybe not, mama and papa were home, but I missed sista and Kor. I refused to eat till they came home late at night. I was quite happy after that thou, when my big sista *Sista's elder sista* brought home lots of yummilicious treats. And yesterday, sista left me home alone again! Hmph! Well, she did come home with treats and new toys for me, but but, that's not the point.

Anyway, regarding my tick problem, we didn't find another one since that day. Sista refused to let me walk on grass patches till she buys the fleas&ticks spray/spot on. However, I heard she talking to Kor about buying it during a dog show on 26th Aug cos they might sell it cheaper. Does that means I can't pee/poo on my lovely grass spots till then?!


Side note: I can't wait to meet our lovely pals on DWB's pawty on National Day *9th August*!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Today is a bright and sunny day to spot...... flea!

Yesterday, sista brought me out for my usual quick run on the grass patch and this morning, she found my very first flea while brushing me! *I've been really lucky not to get any without prevention for 1+ year of my life! God bless that woman.* *Roll eye*

I tell you it was so darn big and fat! doG knows how much blood it had sucked! When sista tried to pull it off, that stupid bugger just won't budge. Then the harder she pull, the tighter it cling on my skin. Luckily Shaney was around and helped sista to get rid of it. Seriously, I don't trust my sista at all. I was petrified when she pulled on my skin, I don't even dare to move! That woman is so rough at times. Geez.

You sure you know what you're doing, Sista?

Thanks doG that was the only one sista found. One lesson learnt, prevention from now on. =P