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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Car Tag

My lady Blue tagged me to play the Car Tag game, that is to think of a car that represents me!

After much research, I think I'm a Mini Cooper Convertible. Besides the fact that Mini Cooper is Kor's favoritest, and I'm Kor's favoritest too, a Mini Cooper Convertible is so me! We are both compact in size, zesty with cuteness at the same time! We embrace our own style, looking good at both front and rear!

Mini Cooper Convertible in Mellow Yellow - front and rear view.

Mellow Me, Myself, Moi!

Let's tag mini Reina, lil' Girl Girl and Puiq baby to play the game too! *Grinz*

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pics from Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Hi my dear friends, I enjoyed myself yesterday celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with my hoomans. *Grinz*

Me poising with my aeroplane-shaped lantern. It's almost my size and it plays a tune when turned on.

A better view of my lantern. What do you think of it? =D

Then Kor said: "Look at the moon! So round and bright!" Ok ok.

Ah, beautiful full moon. I don't see Chang Er and her rabbit though. *Giggle*

I hope all of you enjoyed the beautiful night as much as I do. *Grinz*

As mentioned on my previous post, I'll show the pics my hoomans took at the Mid-Autumn Festival at Chinese Garden. Every year, the organiser will come out with different themes and this year theme is 'The Magical Ocean'.

The symbol of Chinese Garden - The pagoda, decorated with bright lights to match the occasion.

The ancient chinese door knob - a chinese lion holding a ring with his mouth.

Inner view of the pagoda. The spiral stairs made my hoomans dizzy just by looking at it.

Now, for the most awaited lanterns' pics, enjoy! *Grinz*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival aka Lantern Festival for the chinese. The hoomans, usually kids, will carry lanterns while the adults gather around to eat mooncakes and enjoy the bright full moon. Last year, sista bought green tea mooncakes especially for doggies, but, I was being picky and refused to eat it after one piece. She said I wasted her money so this year, no doggie mooncakes for me. Instead, I got to share my hoomans' yogurt and durian mooncakes and they tasted soo good! Sorrie no pics for this year mooncakes. Sista was too busy eating and feeding me to take pics. *Giggle*

My last year green tea mooncakes.

Filling: Green tea paste with almond slices.

Me doing a mooncake dance.

After this piece, I was like, ok I had enough. It was too sweet for my liking. Burp! So my hoomans had to finish the rest for me and they all agreed that it was too sweet.

Last year, I got a battery-operated lantern, later tonight, I'm going to carry the same lantern. Actually, I know it is a conspiracy of sista. Well, she knows she's too old to play with lantern so she's using me as a cover up . *Giggle* Oh and sista went to the Chinese Garden to see those beautiful themed lanterns. This year theme is 'Magical Ocean'. I'll show you the pics on my next post. =D

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cowboy Pawty

Today is the day for Asta's (Up Over) Barkday! Happy Barkday girlie! Asta with her friend, Bailey of Tripple Bs, invite all of us to join in their celebration, what's more, it's going to be a Cowboy Pawty! Yee Haa!

I heard that lots of good food are prepared for us! So everyone, you know this is one pawty not to be missed! *Grinz*

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chilli's Pawty

Hi everyone! I'm bacckk! I have to, especially today, because it is Chilli gal adoption day and she's holding a beach pawty! I won't miss it ever! *Grinz*

Here I am, all dressed up in my sailor outfit. Wait for me! =D

Sorrie for the lack of updates my dear friends. I can't get sista off her school schedule except for my occasional walks. Thank doG she's going to have her short break soon, I'll make sure she gets her butt down and give me 100% attention. Tee hee.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My First Day

Lil' Reina tagged me to share about my first day with my hoomans.

A brief history: Sista wanted a silky terrier pup for a very long time. Why Silky? Well, sista used to have this very old poster of SPCA which featured the face of a crossed breed pup. She lurves that look of the pup and she concluded that that pup has the closest look to a silky terrier. I'm glad she thought so else there will be no me now.

The fateful day: On 6th January 2006, my Shaney called Kor to inform him that one of the pet shops she used to work in brought in 3 silky pups, so she asked sista and Kor to go down to have a look. Knowing that all 3 pups were female, they thought that they would just go take a look. *They were actually thinking of getting a male pup.*

The shop owner brought my siblings and me out of our cages and put us in a playpen. We were whining and fighting for my hoomans' attention. Well, as you all know, my hoomans changed their mind and decided to get one of us instead. They observed my siblings and me while we wrestled and nipped each other. Finally, I got tired of playing and decided to sit at a corner and ignoring my siblings even when they pounced on me. Sista carried me out when she saw that and I gave her a very innocent look. She asked whether I wanna go home with her and the rest is history. *Grinz*

The first day home was chaotic. I started biting my hoomans' toes once I'm free to run about. Wished you all could see those funny scenes where they either ran or jumped up on seats so I couldn't reach their toes. Hahaha. Of cos, this ended me in jail very soon. That night, the rest of my hoomans came home, needless to say, it was lurve at first sight for them. I spent my first night in the pitched dark kitchen. I was a very brave pup, I slept through soundly with very little occasional whines.

I was a very black pup, it's hard to capture my face, especially with lousy camera phone. Hehe.

Using a better camera. Erm, I think I'm afraid of height.

Stiffed. Too scared to move.

I now tag Boo, River, Luckie gal, Scruffy and Toto to tell us about their first days/nights.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


First, Scrappy and Pebbles tagged me to play the Middle Name game. Sorrie I took such a long time to do it. =P

The golden rules:

1. Post the rules before you give the facts. (Listen up Pups, these are the Rules!!)
2. List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
3. When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.
4. At the end of your post choose one dog to tag for each letter of your middle name.
Be sure to let each puppy know she/he has been tagged.

My middle name is Manja, which means pampered in English. *Sista: I'm sure we meant to refer you as spoilt-rotten.*

M odest *Sista: Erm, you sure?* Sssh Sista, I'm trying to do my tag!
A mirable *Sista: Precious, you're supposed to say facts. These ain't facts!* Geez, can't you just leave me to do my tag on my own?
N ice *Sista: ... Ok, you're on your own young lady. I can't bear to see any further.*
J ovial
A mazing

Next, River tagged me to play Scattergories.

The golden rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. They must be real places, names, things ... nothing made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Ok, here goes:

1. Famous Singer: Pink
2. Four letter word: Pure
3. Street: Paterson Road
4. Color: Purple
5. Gifts/Presents: Pouch
6. Vehicle: Picanto
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Pens
8. Boy Name: Peter
9. Girl Name: Priscilla
10. Movie Title: Pirates of the Caribbean
11. Drink: Pepsi
12. Occupation: Police
13. Celebrity: Pierce Brosnan
14. Magazine: People Magazine
15. US City: Philadelphia
16. Pro Sports: Ping Pong Player
17. Fruit: Passionfruit
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Pull over by the traffic police.
19. Something You Throw Away: Poo - Contribution from me!
20. Things You Shout: PUT MY THING DOWN! - I hear it like, almost everyday.
21. Cartoon character: Porky Pig - "T-T-That's all Folks!"

I won't tag anyone cos most of you have played the tags, but if you haven't, do consider yourself tag and play it! It's fun!

How a Chick is Hatched

Live Demostration!

Once the lil' chick is ready to be hatched, it'll use its beak to break open the egg shell. When the opening is big enough, the lil' chick will then use its head to push its way out.

Step 1: See, head out first.

Step 2: Basic instinct- Check the surrounding first before totally leaving the egg shell.

Nope, no signs of danger.

Step 3: Alright, safe to come out now. Now, it'll use its whole body force to push its way out.

Step 4: Run and find Mama Hen!

The end. =D

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Prize from Boo-llywood Princess Contest

Hi everyone! Remember the contest Bella created especially for Boo to make him into the most beautiful Bollywood princess? I have won and today, I received my prize through the mailbox. I can't believe my luck. I actually have 3 mails in this week!

My prize came in a big white envelope. Let go of it sista, it's mine!

My prize and a very pretty card.

Bella congrats me on my winning. Thank you Bella too for my prize! *Grinz*

Wahaha! I managed to snatch the toy pup from sista before she kept it from me!

I'm already working on its nose. By the time this post is finish, I've chewed off half of it. Opps!