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Monday, December 31, 2007


Goodbye 2007.. Hello 2008!

My new year wishes:



And good health for everyone!

Happy 2008!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho

Ding Dong Bells! One more day to Christmas day! Merry Christmas to all! *Grinz*

Today's weather is good, the sun is bright and I can hear the birds chirping happily on the trees. What are your plans on this joyous day? For me, I crossed my paws that the weather will stay like this for the whole day so that I can visit the dog run later. *Giggle*

Some updates:

My first DWBs' Calendar has arrived! It's a sweet surprise, sista and I didn't expect to receive it before Christmas cos my lazy sista took her own sweet time to help me order. What can I say, I'm amazed by the delivery speed. Paws up!

I am on December page with Maggie & Mitch, Lacy lulu, Penny+Lola+Sherman, Freda and Balboa! *Grinz*

Another surprise I received is my online order for my Christmas photocards. We just got it today. Sob. It was meant to be my greeting cards but somehow the order never did arrive and we waited and waited like one month and it still had not reached us, so sista has no choice but to mail all cards (printed version) out. *I am so so sorry that some of you will be receiving your cards after Christmas day.* Now, we got a stack of Christmas photocards which sista is really not sure what to do with it. All the cards were mailed and it is too late to mail any more Christmas cards now. *Pouts* Sista, pleaseee order way in advance for next year, ok?

This year Christmas is a very special one, look at the number of cards I've got! I am very thankful to everyone in DWB's for making me a part of this warm family! I lurve you! *Muacks*

This picture was taken last week, since then, I have received a few more cards and sista has helped me to hang them together too. *Grinz*

Monday, December 17, 2007

Blue Monday

It started raining again early this morning. Rain on a blue blue Monday dampens my mood. *Pout* And yesterday, I had to bath in this cold weather. *More pouts* I think I'm being tortured. Do you all get to bath in cold cold weather too?

A little red to chase the blues away..

Tis' the season to snuggle close and spread warm hugs to everyone! Hmmm, I think cold cold weather ain't that bad afterall.. *BIG HUG Everyone!*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Hi my dear friends, how's everyone? It has been raining almost everyday here. Sometimes the water get trap along the pathway making it hard for me to walk. Hence, I get trap too right at home cos sista doesn't want me to get all wet and muddy. That is the fun part right? I mean getting all wet and muddy. Haiz. Anyway, I hope that it will not rain next weekend because sista promised to bring me to the dog run, and maybe to the beach! Actually, it's a little silly to plan outdoor activities now during the rainy season, but, I still hope I'll get to go. Tee hee.

Sista has finished my Christmas cards. Some have been sent out, the rest hopefully we can send it out by end of this week. I received more and more Christmas cards each day. Papa said our mailbox contains more of my mail than of my hoomans. *Giggle* We haven't hang the cards up or display them yet. Once we done that, I'll ask sista to take a picture and show you all here. They are all really lovely, all these cards warm our hearts and we really appreciate them. Not forgetting the e-cards I've received too. I will ask sista to print them out for me to display together. *Grinz*

Before I go, here's a silly pic to cheer you all up! *Giggle*

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm back!

Hi everyone! I'm back! Woooo! I missed you guys lots.

Wow, I have lots of catching up on all your blogs, but first, I have to come up with my cards for the DWB card exchange. Yes, sista hasn't help me with it yet! *Roll eye* Oh boy, I do hope I can send the cards out in time for Christmas. I've already received some cards/e-cards, they are very very pretty!

Ok got to go, I need to supervise my sista on my card's design. Tee hee. I'll catch up on all your blogs soon! *Hugs to all*