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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Eve of CNY + Ear Infection Update

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year, Happy CNY to all celebrating the festive! Happy CNY to those not celebrating it too. I hope to spread wealth and good fortune to everyone, Gong Xi Fai Cai! Mama is going to cook lots of good food in the afternoon. In the evening we will be having steamboat for our reunion dinner. Yummy! I can't wait to get my share. I hope my portion is larger than me! *Grinz*

Thank you everyone for your kind concern about my ears. *Hugs* Sista brought me to see a vet on last friday despite my self-proclaim pretty good hiding skills. Well, as thought, I have yeast infection in both ears, furthermore, my left ear test result came back with two different kind of bacteria. Euuks. The vet prescribed me with one kind of ear drop for both my ears and another kind specially for my left ear. Gosh, the special medi has a very strong acidic smell which totally turn me off. All I can say was these few days wasn't the best days for me. I have to compete with sista on who has the most patience and strength whenever it's medi time. It can take between half an hour to one hour for each application. Sista says I'm very stubborn, I prefer to think otherwise. Anyway, the medi has to be applied for two weeks, I hope sista will either give up on me soon or, too lazy to move her butt and spare me the torturing. *Giggle*

p.s. For some unknown reasons, I can't seems to add image to my post. Hmmm, hopefully I'll be able to upload my CNY pictures later on. =)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Busy + Ear Infection

Wooo! Time really passes fast! It has been a week since I last posted. Well, my hoomans are still very busy rushing in between work and spring cleaning. And yesterday, I added on to their busy schedule by having ear infection. *Giggle* It began a few days ago when my ears started to itch badly. I couldn't help scratching it all day, but, I think I used too much strength. *Oppsie* Sista said she's very sure I'd hurt my inner ear cos now when I scratch, I'll whine too. This morning I overheard sista telling Kor to bring me to the vet soon. Possible if tonight. What?! No way. What did you say sista? You mean I still have to visit the vet again for my annual injection? Argh! I think my CNY is ruined. Sob sob.

I better go hide now, hopefully sista will forget about my bad ear if I stop scratching. *Scratch scratch* Opps.