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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Stuff

My sista is helping me blog, with one eye, that is. She's such a freak. Her left eye is itching like god knows how long ad yet she still not doing anything about it. Bcos she is lazy. Bcos she can't be bothered. Oh wells, wait till Kor says her again. Serve her right if she gets scolded. *Giggle*

Anyway, back to my stuff... My friend, Baby the Maltese, will be celebratng his 10th barkday on this coming June. The hoomans, mine and his/mine (my Shaney *Giggle*), are planning a celebration for him. I heard it includes fine gourmet, outings to Sentosa beach, dogs cafe, etc. And that means I'll get to enjoy the same goodies as the barkday boy! Jackpot! *Grinz*

My dream of travelling here and there and everywhere will be fulfilled soon as my Shaney might be getting a car. It's a might, but it's better than pinning my hope on sista who will takes another 10 to 20 years time. In our small island, you'll know how difficult it is to travel with pets unless you own a car. If not, then cabs will be the next alternative bcos doggies on board of buses and trains are a BIG no no. *Pouts*

The only alternative ain't always a good alternative either. To get cabs in Singapore, especially friendly cab drivers who don't mind taking us doggies, is just as difficult too. It doesn't seems to be like this a few years back. It was easy to flag a cab by the roadside, but now, the cabbies will just wheezed away when they spot a doggie. The worst part is, cab fare is terribly high recently. One trip from east to west cost about 30 bucks during peak hours. It almost double the price compare to the fare before the hike! What a pets unfriendly island. *Double Pouts*

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Snowball and Blue!

Happy Barkday, Princess Snowball!
Happy Birthday, my lady Blue!

Friday, May 9, 2008


I've got to prepare for Snowball and my lady Blue combined birfday celebration for this saturday - 10th May. It's going to be a whole weekend afffair starting from tonight where lots of pawsome food and fun awaiting us! Yiipee!

But there's a slight problem, I don't know what I should wear.. Hmm.. where's my gown, sista? What? I don't have a gown? Then what are you waiting for sista, hurry find me a virtual gown! Sheesh, please pardon with her, she's having after exam side effect, I guess her brain cells were used up so she's a little slooooww now. *Giggle*

*1 hour passed by* Are you done yet, sista? No? Ok... *2 hours passed by* You done yet? No? Grr.. *3 hours passed by* Done? NO? OMG! What have you been doing, woman?!

Sista here: "I've to admit, without her Kor's help, I'm a complete disaster in picture editing. I am so sorry to end up having to use back an old pic from another virtual party. I really did try my best but the edits all turns out making Precious looks weird. You wouldn't want that, do you Precious darling?"

Geez, alright alright, I guess I'm left with no choice. Ok, here's what I'll be wearing to the celebration tonight. Can't wait to see you guys there! *Excited*

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm backkkkk! Wow! I've been gone for a really looooong time eh... Thank you for the comments you all left for me, thank you guys who still visit my blog even though I didn't update at all. And thank you my lady Blue for your email. *shy*

I've been great, getting my treats, walks, playing with my neighbouring friends, etc., but not so for my sista. Well you see, my sista experienced the worst school's semester she ever had. And she's very thankful that it is all over now, but I got a feeling that her next semester will be even worsen than worst coz that's gonna be her last semester before her graduation. I just hope I will not need to suddenly disappeared in action again. *Sigh*

Ok guys, I've got lots and lots of catching up to do.. Wooooo!