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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Busy Week

Last week was a busy busy week for my hoomans. First, sista started a new semester in school, then she was down with fever and had to drag her sick body to see Jay Chou's concert in Singapore. She actually felt better after the concert except for sore throat due to crazie screamings. *Giggle* But, poor Kor had eye infection after the concert.

Before that, our washing machine broke down, it was beyond repair said the technician. That was a great news to me, cos now I don't have to be punished standing on the washing machine. Mama said our washing machine was 11 years old. Wow, I'm glad I didn't stand on it for 11 years. Alas, to my dismay, mama went to buy a new one on that very day, and yesterday, they delivered it to my house. I tried telling them they got the wrong address, but they just ignore me. Grrrr. It's about the same size as the previous one. Sista says that is because they wanna make sure I feel as comfortable standing on it as the old one. Bad hoomans. *Pouts*

On a happier note, sista and kor brought me to the dog show on Sunday. We saw Snowball and her Jiejie the moment we reached there. *Grinz* Didn't manage to see other familiar faces though, anypups and hoomans went to the dog show too? Sista bought a CNY dress for me from one of the booths. It's pretty in red. Red is an auspicious color for the Chinese and some will dress themselves in red too during CNY to bring good luck. Woo, I hope I'll get more red packets *Ang Bao* too! *Grinz*

Monday, January 14, 2008

Catching Up

Today this post is on catching up with all the awards and tags my dear friends gave me. Some of them are dated way back in November! Gosh, I seriously think my sista is getting old, slow and not forgetting lazier. *Giggle*

Scruffy, Snowball and Hammer gave me this "Be the blog" Award a long time back. This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can “be the blog” - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun. I don't think I'm a successful blogger yet, but this award is really a great encouragement to me and maybe sista in increasing her speed. Thank you Scruffy, Snowball and Hammer!

This Best Friend Award is given to me by Serena. The award says: "Life is like Hell without FRIENDS." Very true. Thank you Serena!

And Goofy gave me The Golden Rose reward. Thank you Goofy!

Agatha and Archie and Sweety awarded me with the "You make my day" Award. Thank you Agatha & Archie and Sweety, your blogs make my day too!

I got tagged by Yuki and Serena to list 7 annoyances, here goes:

1. I get annoy when the house phone starts ringing. I'll howl till someone picks it up.
2. I get annoy by the hairdryer after bathing. Stop blowing it in my face!
3. I get annoy when kids start running and shouting just to tease me. I'll show them who's faster and louder!
4. I get annoy when birds fly pass me and I am not allowed to chase them.
5. I get annoy when sista keep touching me when I'm trying to sleep.
6. I get annoy when my hoomans are too selfish to share their food.
7. I get annoy when my hoomans pretend they didn't hear or see me. Geez, childish!

Monday, January 7, 2008


My hoomans say I can be famous if I appear on television.

Am I famous now? *Giggle*

Chinese New Year is coming! Weee! This year, the first day of CNY falls on 7th Febuary. That is like my favouritestest festival among my favouritest festivals. According to the Chinese zodiac, the coming year will be the year of the Rat. The Rat is the first animal sign on the zodiac follows by 11 other animals signs. There are many legends to why the animals are arranged in this sequence. You can find out more from here.

One reason why I like CNY so much is bcos of the traditional food, snacks, and many more! Some of them are available during CNY only. Just thinking of all those yummilicious goodies makes me drool. *Slurp* Oh and the best part is I don't have to perform any tricks to get it! *Grinz* During this period, relatives and friends will visit our house too. I always make sure they feel welcome by giving them lots of smoochies! I think I make a good host. Tee hee.

Ok I have to pen off, sista has to get back to spring cleaning her room. From the way she's going about it, I think she will take forever. Can you imagine that all she managed to tidy up was 3 drawers using a whole day! Geez.