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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lucky Me

Oh boy, the mailman delivered 3 more pressies to me. *Blush*

Here, I declared the package's mine even before sista said so. Well, anything that came in a brown package now is mine!

I got it right, the package is for me! And it is from Ume, my sweet silky/yorkie girl!

Thank you Ume girl! *Muacks* I lurve my pressies a lot! I've tried the cheese treats, they are oh so heaven! Sista liked the smell so much she was really tempted to try one too. Geez.

Sista was taking a pic of me eating the cheese treat. I guess all you could see clearly was crumbles. *Giggle*

Next, these lovely pressies below are from cutie Amber, in Malaysia. Thank you cutie Amber! *Muacks*

Amber made me a very pretty Barkday card. She pawsonalised it with our pictures and her very cute paw print! Awww~

Cutie Amber, I have really HUGE paw paw compared to your dainty paw! Let me show you.

Then yesterday night, Papa brought home a package sent by Boy n Baby.

Ziwi Peak is definitely one of my favourite treats! They are made from real meat and deliciously chewy, and most importantly, healthy for us to eat it anytime, any day! Ok, I digress, back to my pressie. *Giggle* Look, Boy n Baby's Mama also handmade a pretty chain with a letter "P" pendant for me!

Here's me wearing my new chain. Pardon my grumpy look. I lurve my new chain, but, I hate taking picture, especially up on my washing machine. *Sista: It's the only place you won't jump and run away.*

The pendant has a very nice green colour. I think it matches my fur colour well. *Grinz* Thank you Boy n Baby, and your lovely Mama for the sweet gifts! *Muacks*

Pee.s: I am really really sorrie to inform all of you that I will be off from blogging till beginning of December. Again, my sista will be too busy to help me out during this period because of her examinations. Please don't forget me, ok? I will be back as soon as I can. I promise.

Here wishing in advance a very "HAPPY BARKDAY!" to my friends celebrating their barkdays this month and beginning of December! Sorrie, I couldn't wish you all pawsonally on your special day.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lovely Barkday Greetings

Besides those wonderful pressies, I'd also received beautifully designed e-cards from some of my DWB friends! Thank you so much to all of you for my lovely barkday greetings! Sista promised to print them out for me! *Grinz*

Thank you for the birthday hugs, sweet Scrappy & Pebbles! I'm feeling all warm inside. Hugs to both of you too! *Muacks*

Asta girl, you've made me looking very pretty and demure with the pink bow and lovely pink background! *Blush* Thank you sweetie! *Muacks*

Dear Jackson, woof woof! Thank you for the birthday barks! I woof you! *Muacks*

My lady Blue, thank you for making me a lovely image and giving me the 'I love my Silky Terrier' award! *Muacks*

I heart this award to bits!

Thank you for this beautiful e-card, dear Lacylulu! I'd never realised I can look so radiant! You are a darling, sweetie pie! *Muacks*

And last but not least, thank you everyone who'd left me barkday greetings on my tag box and comment section! I really really appreciated them all! Thank you all, my wonderful friends! *MUACKS*

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My 2nd Barkday Updates 2

Sorrie to keep everyone waiting for my barkday updates part 2. Bad bad blogger has been going against me since I posted my first barkday update. Sob.

So on my barkday on Suday, I went to a dog show at Expo with my hoomans and friends. I spent a wonderful time sniffing and running around with nobody to stop me, say 'NO' to me, command me blah blah blah cos it was my barkday! And I ruled the day! Hee. Anyway, my hoomans were proud of my behaviour when I initiated to make friends with other dogs there, but but, i still made a few enemies too. *Giggle*

No pictures on the dog show, my sista, as usual, was too busy browsing through every booths there to take my pretty pictures. Oh wait, I think I do have some pictures of me to show my friends here! Not from my hoomans, but from a professional photographer. There was a booth there with a small photo taking area offering to take beautiful pictures of us doggies at affordable rates. All money received from the photo takings goes to a charity organisation in Singapore for less fortunate doggies.

My hoomans chose the best 3 out of a dozen pictures the poor photographer took. He had a hard time taking my pictures, I know. Hee. I mean, I was off leashed, so my first instinct was to run away. It was really scawie too to sit there alone, with big white 'umbrellas' facing me and a big black object that kept blinding me with strong flashes. Oh man, I just couldn't wait to get away.

The 3 pictures we took home really look much nicer than when showing here as my sista re-took the original pictures with her lousy handphone camera so that she could upload into the compooter.

Pictures taken with Christmas's prop. Can you see the prop?

Better view of the prop - a Christmas wreath with a jingle bell. *Ding Dong Ding*

My side profile.

Pressies opening time

Later that night, sista let me open the rest of my pressies. Please please pardon my messy look. I was really tired after the dog show and bonkz out immediately when I reached home. This is my after nap look. *Blush*

I had to take a picture with my pressies first.

Kor was my helper in pressies opening that night. Me waited 'patiently' at his side. First, we opened a package that Butchy & Snickers sent me, all the way from USA!

The first item Kor took out was this. Ooo, what's that?

It's a cool pink ring with not just one, but two squeakies in it! I lurve it! Can you see the way I hold my pretty ring? I bummed into many things around the house while running like this. *Giggle*

And there's more in the package! Butchy & Snickers gave me a very pretty card featuring a very happy looking Wire Fox Terrier, just like the two of them! There's also another squeaky toy in there called the lamiedoodle. Sista has not allow me to play with him yet, I hope she will not keep him as her own though. Thank you Butchy & Snickers for the wonderful gifts! *Muacks*

Next, we opened a pressie from Girl Girl, the Hamsterrier.

Cute li'l Girl Girl gave me sweet potatoes treats, it's yummylicious! I had asked sista to include it to my 'must buy treat list'! Tee hee. Girl Girl also gave me a pretty pink card with cute lamies, and a pretty butterfly!

Kor, can I have the pretty butterfly?

No? Then I shall snatch! Whoosh!

My hoomans 'assumed' that it will be a pity if the pretty butterfly landed in my mouth. Geez, what are they talking about? I only gave all my stuffies my best tender loving care, no less! Anyway, my mama said she decided to sew MY pretty butterfly on one of my clothes so that I could wear it instead of destroy it. What?! Hmmm well, atleast I still can see my pretty butterfly, not like my other stuffies that always disappeared overnight. *Sista: *roll eyes* All your other stuffies have R.I.P.!* Umm umm... Thank you li'l Girl Girl for the sweet pressies! *Muacks*

Next up, we opened a package from cute Huskee Boy.

Guess what's inside the package? *Drum roll*

Ta da~! Goodies! Lots of goodies! Look at all those mouth-drooling treats! And a very sweet pink rabbit stuffie! It is a treasure box, I'll say!

My barkday card that is in the beautifully decorated envelope. My hoomans say the cute doggie on the card and me looked alike. I guess that is because we are both equally cute? *Giggle* Thank you Huskee Boy for my wonderful barkday treasure box! *Muacks*

Oh yes, there is one more pressie for me! Papa brought it home for me on Wednesday. It's a package from handsome BenBen in Malaysia!

BenBen sent me a cute colourful crab stuffie, a packet of delicious lamb sticks and a big cake! BenBen even included his handsome portrait in my pressies! Awww~

Me taking a pic with my colourful crab. Oppsie, can't see my eyes. Tee hee. Thank you BenBen for thinking of me on my barkday! *Muacks*

Monday, November 5, 2007

My 2nd Barkday Updates 1

Good day, my dear friends! Wanna say a big THANK YOU to everyone for my sweet barkday greetings! *Blush* I had a great time spending the whole weekend with my hoomans and friends! *Grinz*

On Saturday, I had a mini celebration together with my hoomans, my hoomans friends and Casper, the lil' rascal who is not little anymore. He sure grow fast. *Giggle*

My hoomans made me a cake with Snowball's barkday cake recipe.

My cake. Notice the big candle on it? It actually represents 10 years old! Silly sista forgot to buy candles for me and this is the only type of candles the hoomans can find in my house. Gawg.

Waiting to blow out the candle. Sista says I have to wait till they sing finish the barkday song.

How long do I have to wait? Can I have a lick first?

Finally, cake eating time! Kor cut out my cake into portions and I waited patiently for mine. Can anyone spots me? Hee.

Then it was gifts opening time for the barkday girl, me! The pretty green box is from Casper and his owner. They got me a beautiful Kimono. Alas the size was not right, so the hoomans have to change it on Sunday dog show. Next, the huge hamper is from my Shaney, J jie jie and not forgetting my admirer, Baby. *Grinz* There are lots of treats and toys in the hamper, and also a pair of beautiful hair clips and a stunning crown! Lastly, the new ball is from my dear Kor. I've got lots of new treats from my hoomans too, however, I'd ate most already. Opps.

Here is me with my beautiful crown. Do I look like a real princess?

My frisbee in the hamper. Look at that lil’, no, big rascal. He was trying to take my pressie!

Hey, the frisbee is mine. Can somebody tell the big rascal to get away from my toy?

I have also received fabulous pressies from my DWB friends! The pressie with shiny pink wrapper is from Princess Snowball and the two packages are from Butchy & Snickers and Girl Girl. Thank you very much Snowball, Butchy & Snickers, and Girl Girl for thinking of me! *Blush*

Sniff sniff, ooo I think I can smell my friends in there!

Oh and guess what, while sista was busy taking my pressies pictures, the mailman came with another pressie for me! Talk about perfect timing! Poor mailman though, he was traumatised by Casper and I barking our heads off at him. =P

Look at what the mailman delivered! It's a pressie from Huskee! Thank you Huskee Boy!

Sista allowed me to open up one of my pressies from my DWB friends. I chose Snowball's because it has been in my house since Wednesday and I am really really excited *Sista: excited = bark non-stop* about it till sista had to keep it in our store room to prevent me from seeing it! Thank you Princess Snowball! *Muacks*

Wow, Snowball gave me a sweet pink bed with a matching bone shaped pillow! Argh! Again that rascal tried to snatch what's mine! Back off you big rascal!

I'm watching you, kiddo! I'M WATCHING YOU!

Well, so this is my barkday celebration on Saturday. Stay tune for more of my celebration and pressies opening on Sunday , coming up... *Grinz*