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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Playmates

Presenting to you all, my very first playmates! *Grinz*

Anthon and Otis are brothers, I first saw them when I was around 2 month old when sista carried me downstairs to let me get use to my surrounding. Anthon would woof at sista to put me down. Sista was scared initially, but his mommy explained that he meant no harm. He is very protective towards puppies and thinks that all puppies belong to him. =)

Anthon is a very matured Shih Tzu. He is 15 this year. What I like about him is his gentleman manners and deep deep voice. It mesmerize me everytime. He don't sniff my bum bum like others do, instead he'll look me in the eyes! *Melt*

And sweet Otis on the other hand is very active and cheerful. Oh and he is one cheeky Chihuahua. He loves to lick my face, in fact, he loves to lick every doggies face! He loves Anthon alot and gives him lotsa TLC. Sista was surprised when his mommy first told her his age. He is 8 this year and still very hyper. Cool huh?

So Anthon and Otis became my first doggie pals. Them and only them. They love me alot and protect me when I showed fear. If other doggies came sniffing at me, Anthon would ask them to back off in his deep deep voice. If this doesn't work, Otis would distract them by being cute in front of their mommies. In this way, the doggies had to look after their mommies from goo ga ga-ing over him instead, hence, they won't have time to disturb me. *Grinz*

Ooo I love the both of them so much!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I got scolded yesterday night for biting Kor's mousie pad. He got so worked up. I know I know, he told me many times I shouldn't do that, but, till now I did not chip off any corner or rip it in pieces, isn't it? Anyway, Petty Kor demanded an apology from me:

Kor: "Precious, say sorry!" *Sista: As long as Precious shows a pitiful face, kisses, etc., it will be deemed as an acceptable apology.*

Me: Immediately turned to smell my bum bum. *Sniff sniff then look at Kor innocently*

So Kor convinced himself that it was a coincidence and tried it once more.

Kor: "Say sorry!"

Me: Immediately again, turned to lick my bum bum. *Lick lick then look at Kor innocently*

Hoot! And Kor can't make out whether it is a coincidence or not anymore! But I swear it is! Really! So Kor, is this consider an apology too? *Sniggle*

Monday, May 28, 2007

Seven Pawsome Facts

So I've been tagged by Bella to post 7 pawsome facts about myself.

The rules are: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs/other cuties that are tagged need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs/other cuties to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a message that they have been tagged and to read your blog!!!

Ok ok, I got it. Here goes:

1) I am a born swimmer. *I just found this out during my Sentosa trip!*

2) I love chasing my own tail. *Spin round and round and round and...*

3) When my humans bought me new toys, I'll pretend I don't want it at first. If they took it away, I'll grrr at them.

4) I can chew really hard. Those nylabones for tough chewer? Nah, no problem at all.

5) I am a great kisser! *Wet wet smoochies*

6) My favoritest game with my humans is playing hide and seek! Their rewards are my bestest smoochies!

7) I used to have really white hair on my head. Now, I'm a blondie. *But I still have my wisdom from my white hair ok?*

There, my first tag. Now I have to tag 7 other lovely doggies... Erm erm, ok I'll tag Sweets, Jackson, Lorenza, Casper, Sparky, Nanook and Ume! Sorry if you have been tagged already.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tag Game

I've been tagged! I've been tagged! *Grinz*

Bella has tagged me me me *Sorry, I am too excited* to post 7 pawsome facts about myself.

Sista said this is a very hard post cos she can't even think of more than five fingers. What do you mean you can't?! I am sure I have more than enough for this tag game!

So I am gonna think not-so-hard and ask sista to squeezeee her brain cells. Meanwhile, I will also be supervising her to make sure she don't loaf on her job. Hee.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sentosa Pics Update

I had a really fun and enjoyable time at the beach. It started raining in the morning and I was worried I won't be able to go anymore. But I prayed and prayed and I guess the mighty doG up above heard my prayers cos this was how the sky looked like when we reached. *Grinz*

Beautiful blue sky with candy cotton clouds.

I never really went into the sea before. I'll always play by the shoreline or somewhere deeper a little, just a little.

So I started from this corner with shallow water. Here I saw teeny weeny fishes swimming in there. I love fishes!

They were swimming around my paws! I took a closer look by submerging my head in the water.

I tasted the water as well. *Lick* Ok the water tasted better than the other beaches I went before.

So i went a little further in to monitor my fishes...

Fishy fishy, where are you~?

Hoot! Before I knew it, my paws were off the sandy bed! I am swimming!

Just keep swimming~ Just keep swimming~

Of cos the humans were so amazed by me they praised me. So I swam further and further in. Sista said fortunately I was on leash otherwise I would have swim to the other end. Hmm, that's not a bad idea.

I can see the other end. I am going to try swim there.

Oh look! What is that dark thingy in front?

Hey Baby! Look at what I've found!

Baby: "This is a coconut husk, Precious. Over there is a whole coconut."

Oh my! Oh my! It sure looks better. Baby, can you help me find a spot to bury it? Baby: "Ok ok."

So we looked and sniffed around for a nice burying place.

Ooo here seems like a nice spot.. *Dig...*

*Digging in process...*

Is this deep enough?

Huh Kor? Did you say 'treats'?!

So I forgot all about burying my coconut! *Sob*. Anyway, we left the beach soon after that. Baby and I were really exhausted. This was what happened when the humans brought us to dinner at this doggie's cafe...



Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dog Run Pics Update

Finally, sista managed to overcome her laziness and uploaded on my pics. Oh and yesterday, I got to go out with Baby again. The humans brought us to Sentosa - Palawan Beach. It is the nicest and cleanest beach I've been so far! And I found out I can swim! I'll post the beach pics even later on cos I am so doggone tired from all the fun. Oh boy.

Dog Run Pics:

So this is Baby. He is an eight year old maltese and a real gentleman indeed except for his bad habit of sniff sniff sniffing my bum bum. Oh and did I mention he came over my place to fetch me? So sweet of him ya. Hee.

We managed to reach the Dog Run before the rain started. This was where all the fun began. I exercised most by jumping up on benches to avoid Baby sniffing. Here I am challenging Baby to jump up if he dares. Well, I know he don't. *Grinz*.

Come on Baby! You have to get high enough if you wanna sniff my bum bum.

But he found another way.

Hey! You are cheating! You can't do that!
Baby: "I sniff it! I sniff it!"

So I challenged him to get to an even higher place.

All right, here seems high enough...

Ok Baby! Come and get me now! HA!

So Baby don't dare to come after me. But I got pretty boring playing alone so I made a pact with Baby.

Listen, we can play together if you stop sniffing my bum bum.
Baby: "Ok Ok!"

We had a great time running around freely and soon after, I was caught...

Oh no! I swear I wasn't sniff sniff sniffing Baby's bum bum or his jewels! It's the angle of the pic that made me looks like!

We played for a little longer till the rain came. We fast fast took off back to the car and left the place.

Sign. When can I go there again?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Visit to Dog Run

I was fuming mad with sista and Kor yesterday. They went to a BBQ without me! Can you imagine how much good food I could have eaten if they aren't that lazy to bring me go?? Argh!

Anyway, I forgot about my frustration this morning after sista told me we'll be going out, and with my dear Shaney and Baby *he is Shaney's doggie* too! I'm a happy gal instantly! Woof~

We went to a dog run and the weather looked bad. Guess the weatherman above wasn't in a good mood and it looked like it was gonna rain now and then. Kor don't wanna spoilt our joy so he decided to let us enjoy our run while it last. I had a great time running freely. No other doggies were there so the whole place was ours, Heaven! I tried to play with Baby first but the only thing he's interested in was to sniff my bum bum. Hmph! I got so panicky I keep on jumping up benches to avoid him. I know that it is the only way to prevent him from sniffing because he's a scardy dog. He don't dare to jump from anywhere as long as it is above ground level! Sista thinks that I was mean to Baby. Look who's talking? She didn't even try to save me from that sniffing maniac!

Anyway, after a good run for about half an hour, the sky started drizzling and Shaney said we have to go. Oh must we? Yes? Aww, too bad my lovely dog run. I promise to be back real soon ya.

Oh and did I mention I hate car rides? I'll get car sick and I vomited during most of these rides. Today is no exception. Except this time I did not give Kor any warning and I puked all over Kor's shorts. Sorrie Kor, I don't mean to. I must really learn how to drive soon so that I won't get car sick ever ever again! Blechx.

p.s. Pics will be uploaded later on due to sista's laziness.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Scary Cat

This happened when I was still a pup. We are staying on the 6th floor and sista luvs to carry me up to look out of the window and I luv to watch the cars passed by below. I don't really like that anymore. I would rather go downstairs to watch them passes by right before me. Opps, side tracked. Anyway, one day when we were having our usual window-sighting, sista caught sight of a cat at the opposite block.

You can click on the pic to have a better look at that cat. It was perched on a parapet and guess what? That was five storey high! Sista almost freaked out. She prayed very hard for that cat not to jump down from the outer side. I don't get it. Cats are supposed to have nine lives isn't it? My sista is soo paranoid. Sista hoped its true too but on a worst senerio, that cat most probably will be flattened like a smashed pumpkin. I like smashed pumpkin, but, I don't think I'll like smashed cat pumpkin so i whined and whined for that cat to come down on the safe side too.

Obviously that cat was having fun up on the wall. It even stretched out its paw as if trying to catch something crawling up at the left side of the wall. Sista burst out crying and wished she could do something more than just looking. But sista was scared that if she shouted or went over there, that cat will be shocked and jumped out. So I told sista why not send me over, I might be able to use my treats to get that cat off. Of cos, sista didn't agree with me. *Blechx*

About 30mins of praying and worrying and praying and worrying, well, you get the idea, that cat finally decided it has enough fun and decided to jump... on the safe side. Phew. Sista immediately rushed over so that she can carry that cat to the ground floor else she'll surely have heart attack if that cat do it again. However, that cat was nowhere to be found. Maybe that cat belongs to someone staying at that block. Sista can only hope that that cat went safely home. Told ya she's paranoid.

Tied Hair

Sista has a problem with clipping my hair up. It's not my fault, she didn't think of letting me getting use to it since young. Then eversince I came back one day from my grooming with tied hair, sista trys to do it herself almost everyday. We always ended up in terribly foul mood, but, I'm getting more and more patience with her, especially when i get my yummy treats!

This is my 1st time with tied hair. Sista is still amazed at how my groomer managed to do it for me every time. See that cute little flower on top of my head? It ended up in my tummy within a day.

Most of the days I like to let my hair loose. When we go for walkies, people always commented that I have no eyes or I can't see properly. Hmm... for their info, I move along swiftly and I seldom bump into stuffs.

This is how I look like normally. Do I look punk? Hehe.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Favoritest Humans

I have many favoritest humans besides my family. But, sista says I can only mention a few. Hmph, I think she is just plain lazy to help me find their pics and I can't do it myself cos sista is so disorganized I also don't know where she keeps it! These are 2 of which i managed to dig out. They are not in order thou, I luv them just as much. *Grinz*

This is Shaney. She is my god 'KorKor' and I love her alot. I'll get super hyper and excited everytime i see her. Ya know, with the mad tongue hanging at one side of my mouth, sprinting across the whole house. In short, I'll go crazie. Sista has to get me away from god 'KorKor' before she gets drowned in my smoochies. Oh, and Shaney teaches me how to drive a car! One day, I'll be able to travel anywhere I want to and bring my lazy humans out.

This is my Kor. Actually Kor is part of my pack. He is my butt-ler. He luvs me as much as I luv him. I am his darling. I like to snuggle close to Kor when I sleep. He is a natural warmer and keeps me coosy when the weather gets cold or when switch on the 'air-corn'. I wonder does it taste as yummy as corn. It is so high up on the wall I'm not able to chew it. Bummer!

That is all for now till sista finds my others favoritest humans pics.

Me =)

Wow, my own blog! I've waited and waited for... erm, very long, before my sista aka lazy bum bum finally has the motivation to set it up for me. Blechx.

A short intro on myself... My name is Precious and I am a Silky Terrier, but, sista said that I'm actually a terror in disguise. Am I? I just love to bite, chew, rip, anything and everything! Most of my toys had R.I.P and some furniture have my love-bite marks. I guess I upset my humans since I got spank a lot bcos of that. What a bummer. My humans have pretty boring life I shall say.

I came to live with my family when I was still a teeny weeny baby. My Kor *brother* n sista chose me out of my other 2 siblings as I behaved the best. Till this day, the both of them still think that it was a scheme I plotted. Geez, I preferred to think that they chose me bcos of my adorable little face instead. Nonetheless, my humans luv and spoilt me for the endless love and fun I give. Hee hee.

Here's a pic of me when I'm 2 mth old. Look at my cute face. Ha.